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Open Box M, Inc.

We are a small shop that produces handmade products.  We take pride in our attention to quality and our customer satisfaction.

Due to an increased demand for our products, orders for our Palette/Panel Holders, Lightweight Kits and Pochade Boxes will not be shipped until 4 - 5 weeks after the order has been placed. 

We appreciate your support!   

Open Box M, Inc.


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Open Box M is dedicated to making the artist’s painting experience enjoyable by producing the most lightweight, durable and portable Plein Air equipment found anywhere.  For the last 25 years, we have offered a very reliable solution to attaching an artist's Plein Air easel to a 35mm camera tripod.  Our handmade design and commitment to quality and satisfaction has enriched the lives of many artists around the world for over the past two decades.   

Open Box M is committed to providing as many products as possible that are made in America. We support local craftsman and manufacturers who help provide our customers with the standard of equipment that they can rely on and respect.  We believe that one small company like ours can make a difference.  The expert craftsmanship in our country is something to be valued and passed on to future generations.

The other companies whose products we carry are carefully selected for their quality and reliability such as HK Holbein, Manfrotto and Pelican.  These entrepreneurial companies enhance your painting experience by supplying superior accessories.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of the artists and friends who have supported us over the years.  It is your continuing efforts that have allowed us to provide reliable equipment, freeing the artist to focus on their masterpiece!


THANK YOU...  for 25 years of service!!!    



 UK Artist Karl Terry painting with his Open Box M set up in Santorini, Greece.