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Palette/Panel Holders

Welcome to the heart of Open Box M!


All of our Pochade Boxes and Lightweight Kits are based around the size of a Palette/Panel Holder.  Every Palette/Panel Holder has a 35mm camera tripod fitting on the underside of the palette that will attach to any sturdy 35mm camera tripod. 


The features that will help you select your size of Palette/Panel Holder are the weight of the device, the panel holding capacity and the palette mixing area.  All of our Palette/Panel Holders come with one Side Palette Extension that can be attached to either the left or right side of the palette.  The Palette Extension serves as a shelf for brushes, palette cups or even more mixing area.



  • Pictured above is our 11X14 Palette/Panel Holder with a Brass Hook.
  • The second image shows the standard 35mm camera tripod fitting on the underside that is included on ALL of our sizes.  It is the same fitting found on the underside of any standard 35mm camera.

Click below for the weights and dimensions of each size of our Palette/Panel Holders...