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Pelican Cases

PELICAN CASES WILL NOT BE SHIPPED IMMEDIATELY. Please expect 4 - 5 weeks for these orders to ship.




A few years ago our search began for an outer equipment case that would be unbreakable, waterproof and allow us to convert it to a pochade box. We settled on Pelican equipment cases because they are made in the USA and carry the highest standards of any equipment case on the market. All Pelican cases come with an



Now Plein Air Artists can venture further from home without worrying about their equipment.  These PELICAN cases work excellent for airline travel, raft trips, pack trips, in snow, tidal flats or even in the desert. 

They simply stand the test!


We make modifications to the insides of the Pelican Cases to accomodate three of our Palette/Panel Holder sizes...

the 8X10, 10X12 and 11X14.


Our largest size Palette/Panel Holder (the 12 X 16 size) does not have the Pelican Case option.


Our Pelican Cases also come in two different styles... the STANDARD and the SPECIAL (or slim).  The STANDARD CASE offers much more storage room for paint and accessories, while the SPECIAL CASE (or slim) case is a more streamlined version with very limited storage within the case.



The Pelican Pochade Box includes: